Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link, best friends since the first grade, are a comedic duo known for hosting the most-watched daily talk show on the Internet, Good Mythical Morning, their narrative series Rhett & Link's Buddy System, the award-winning weekly podcast Ear Biscuits, as well as their wildly popular comedic songs, sketches, and viral low-budget local commercials. Rhett & Link’s YouTube channels have a combined subscriber base of over 20 million people with over 4 billion total views. 

They have been fundamental in the YouTube entertainment community since 2006, and have been featured in and on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Variety, Mashable, Conan, NPR, USA Today, and AdWeek, among other media outlets. Rhett & Link have also received various awards honoring their content productions over the years, including Webby, Streamy, and Shorty Awards. 

Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning is currently the most-watched daily show online with an average of 100 million views per month and over 12 million YouTube subscribers. 

Created in January of 2012, by Internetainers Rhett & Link, as a simple way to connect with their fans, the show has run over 1000 episodes and entered its 11th season in January of 2017. 

Good Mythical Morning features a wide range of informative discussion topics in the areas of science, technology, lifestyle, and pop culture with quirky, entertaining twists. Often times Rhett & Link attempt original challenges, implement serious tests and experiments in hilarious ways, explore surprising stories and facts, interact with well-known guests, eat unbelievable things, and generally get very, very messy.

The series is also well-known for its creative brand integrations for major companies including Amazon, GEICO, Toyota, Gillette, Axe, Clearasil, Airheads, Hot Pockets, Nesquik, Purina, and more.

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This Is Mythical

This Is Mythical, a new YouTube channel presented by Rhett & Link, features intimate conversations, stupefying creations, and impossible confections. It’s a one-stop-shop for mind-bending Mythicality.

The channel is home to several shows, including a video version of Rhett & Link’s award-winning weekly podcast, Ear Biscuits, and a new series starring Mythical Crew members Mike & Alex, entitled Ten Feet Tall. The channel's slate is rounded out by Mythicalicious, a flavorful assortment of adventurous food videos and Mythical Crew, which features a variety of eccentric experiments.